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How Can I Pay?

Lots of new customers get confused of the payment so here is our explanation step by step.

1. Browse our website, add to cart on the items you would like to purchase. Make sure you have the intention to purchase then add to cart.
2.Fill in all your address information and just click until the end of the page. Payment method information should be there and you can directly screenshot the information. But if you missed it, you can feel free contact us on Whatsapp.
3. We accept Credit Card , Transferwise and Western Union.
4. With those 3 payment methods, you can pay using your debit cards and credit cards. You have to understand that by using bank transfer method, it took longer times. so we really recommend you to use either credit or debit cards.
5. (If you pay through transferwise) now let's open transferwise website. sign up for an account if you haven't already so you will receive email for the receipt and that is what you have to screenshot to us. in transferwise you have to choose your own currency and SEND TO INDONESIA RUPIAH (IDR). It is very crucial to choose IDR because it is quicker for us to receive the money. FILL IN ALL THE INFORMATIONS GIVEN. after everything is complete and your payment has been approved, you shall send us the screenshot of the payment on our whatsapp and let us know your order number. once we have received the payment. We will start process your order.
6. Transferwise if our most recommended method because it only took several hours for us to receive directly to our bank account.
7. "i don't know how to use that payment". We sometimes received this message. But believe me, you will never know how to until you at least try. it is only about fill in the informations.
That is all about the payment method. If you still have some problem, feel free to contact us on whatsapp and let us know what difficulty you have. We are sorry if there are any vocabulary mistakes or grammarly mistakes.
Thankyou for reading and have a nice day!


Payment Method
This is our payment method and details . This is the shortcut if you guys forgot about our payment detail on checkout page
Credit Card :
Hi , if u are willing to use credit card .Please feel free to contact us on Whatsapp. So what is the step?
First , you need to Place an order , then u could whatsapp us and tell us what is your order code ( Usually it appears after you checkout). Then after that we will settle up a payment link and send it to you. And after you guys paid, you guys need to confirm with us one more time and we will process your order .

Transferwise : Go to
(You pay:your currency - Choose we recieve : IDR(MUST) (indonesian rupiah🇲🇨) .
(Personal payment , not business )
Our information:
Account Holder First name: jeniffer
Last name : jeniffer
address: jl. Area pukat 6
Post code : 20222
Date of birth : 27 july 1990
Account number: 8645405966
Pay by : Debit card / credit card
Beneficiary Swift Code: CENAIDJA
City : medan
Province: north sumatera
Country : Indonesia
Email :
Phone number: +6287752249723
Account Holder First Name: mak
Account holer last name : hui hui
address: jl. Pukat VI no.26 L
Post code : 20224
Account number: 8645155170
Bank : Bank Central Asia
City : medan
Province: Sumatera utara
Country : Indonesia
Choose general living expense
Email :
Phone number : +62 8119358584
Birth: june 14 1964
For now , we are still reconsidering for using paypal back . Since last time when we use paypal . Too many problem occurs and our money get taken for like $40k. Thats why we are still reconsidering for using paypal.
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